Musics and musings

This week's diet consists of new and old discoveries:

1. Ornette Coleman - Sound Grammar
For an album covered this much by global press it went pretty much un-noticed in NYC. This is an amazing album. Its a time in history where the major statements are made by the veterns of this artform-and with that please check out the amazing last 2 keith jarrett solo releases.

2. Ralph Towner - Solstice
Its been a habit of mine to seek out old, out-of-print ECM albums no one kinda talks about, and this one is a real find. Garbarek, Garbarek, Garbarek.
and it makes me wanna get me a 12 string guitar and disappear with it to some exotic island and dream myself away.

3. Branford Marsalis - The Beautyful ones are not yet born
I been listening to this trio for 8 years now, but only got this one lately, even though i knew the toons from the live album of the same period the studio album is unreal.

Please keep in mind there's a new album just released by Adam Rogers.
We just played with Adam at Smalls couple months back, and it was one of the highlights of our tenure there. The chemistry was special, the audience was right wong with it-it was a night to remember
Luckily it was recorded. one day...
Adam is the sweetest person. A real thinker and a heartfelf lyricist, and I have a real obsession for his last 3 albums. He also happens to be nothing short of an amazing bandleader and compser. And everyone knows his guitar playing is on the superhuman realm. go get the album.

Benny lackner trio , with DBT honorary member Derek Neivergelt on bass-is having thier new CD release bash tomorrow. do not miss. i hear the new album is their best yet, and that says ALOT.

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