Habima National Theatre to host duet series

Habima National Theatre will host Dekel in a year-long duet series,
starting in November, and will feature Israel's icons in a new, intimate setting.

The series will take place each month in correlation with Dekel's duets in New-York,
which will feature master artists from various fields and mediums.

Walla News special: Dekel Bor & Eyal Shani duet

After a sold-out opening to the series w. Meir Shalev

Walla News recorded Dekel and Eyal Shani in session,

about love, magic and passion in anticipation to their performance
this saturday 29.3.14 at Tmuna Theatre


Dekel Bor on TEDx Hamburg

Dekel will give a TED Talk at TEDx Hamburg on April 1st,
as well as a duet performance with his good friend german film icon Christian Berkel,

please stand by for online viewing links..

Dekel Bor on primetime TV w. special guest Eyal Shani

Dekel performed a duet with his close friend, master chef Eyal Shani on the celebrated culture TV show London & Kirchenbaum, to fantastic viewing ratings.

The duo will perform in Tmuna Theatre in Tel-Aviv on March 29th.