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Dekel's live performances were mentioned in three cover stories in three different major magazines this weekend.
Name all three by the end of the weekend and win two tickets to Dekel's performances at the John Coltrane Memorial Jazz Festival Aug. 30th+31st.

Artist in residence at the 2012 John Coltrane Jazz Festival in Israel

Dekel will be performing as artist in residence at the 2012 John Coltrane Jazz Festival in Israel.

The festival will celebrate the master's Birthday each year in the last 3 days of the summer with 10 headliners in 4 venues across the country performing Coltrane's music.

The tour will climax in a 6-hour marathon of all festival participants perfroming together.

The festival will also feature collaborations from video and visual artists.

Participating artists are Yuval Cohen, Erez Bar-noy, animator Nadav Nevo, The Tel-Aviv Jazz Orchestra and a youth ensemble from Thelma-Yelin High School of Art, among many others.

Dekel will be performing with 4 different settings, playing a different repertoire with each group, as well as sitting in with other bands.