Solo acoustic performance celebrating legendary poet Raquel Chalfi

Dekel will give a rare solo acoustic performance celebrating Raquel Chalfi:

"Tomorrow night I'll have the honor of opening up the gala event celebrating the life's work of Raquel Chalfi - one of the pillars on which hebrew poetry stands upon.

Being one of my mentors, I am touched by her request, and will perform an extended, improvised solo acoustic performance to honor her classic poem "The Tree".

 I hope to not only follow the rhythm of the text, but to touch on the song's gentle emotional landscape."

 The perforance will take place at: Beit Bialik Thursday dec. 1st, 20:00 Tickets are 35nis

Pics update at Dekel's Facebook page

Please join Dekel's Facebook page for show, video and pics update-
Here are a couple picture albums from recent concerts and tours:

Dekel Bor Feat. Maor Cohen acoustic video

Dekel Bor invited his friend and rock star Maor Cohen to guest with the trio...
Here's an acoustic duet covering the country standard "Lonesome Town" :

Dekel Bor concert - new music premiere

"Once the summer touring season ended I found myself composing, writing, discovering...
I'll be presenting all this and a couple surprises Saturday 29/10 at Shablul Jazz - Israel's premier jazz club.
Hope to have you with us".

Reservations at:

Dekel Bor covering his favorite band - RADIOHEAD

Lately Dekel has been playing a couple of Radiohead songs - some know, some obscure..
Here's the trio playing "Climbing Up The Walls" :


2012 "Distorted Bach" tour preview..

Here's a video preview of the 2012 tour which will have Dekel and the trio perform the iconic 6 Sonatas & Partitas for Violin Solo by Johann Sebastian Bach.



Last trio concert for 2011

Fresh off a summer european tour Dekel will play his last trio concert for 2011
at his home venue Shablul on 17.9.11

The concert will feature very special guests and new compositions, as well as glimpses into the 2012 Bach Sonatas tour...

Reservations at:

all-star group performance at the israeli revolution camp

Dekel performed with an all-star cast made up of afro-music and funk guru Yossi Fine, and rockn'roll phenom Rea Mochiach
at the main stage of the israeli revolution camp in Tel-Aviv.

The group performed with such prowess it literally stopped all traffic.

This special trio will perform again later this week..

Dekel Bor Trio open-air concert at the revolution stage

Dekel and his trio feat. a very special NYC guest will play an open-air free concert at the Tel-Aviv revolution's main stage sometime next week, details will appear on Dekel's Facebook page on the day of the show:

Dekel Bor Trio w. special guest Mira Awad

Dekel will be playing on Aug. 10th at Ozen Bar - Tel-Aviv's hottest club with a very special guest from NYC,
as well as with Sony Records artist Mira Awad.

for tickets please visit:

Notes from a master

Dekel is taking notes from maestro Zubin Mehta in preparation for a special orchestral project in 2012...

Final concet of a sold-out Israeli tour

Dekel and the trio ended a six-concert sold-out tour of Israel this weekend to a packed amphitheater with
israeli rocknroll star Maor Cohen as special guest.

Looking forward to seeing y'all on an extended festival tour in sept.!

Special guest at the Paris Jazz Festival

Dekel will be performing as special guest at the paris jazz festival tonight at sunset-sunrise w. his childhood hero Peter Bernstein.
June 19th

Paris Jazz Festival master class

Dekel will be guesting at the Paris festival and will present a masterclass on June 22nd,
touching on composition and improvisation.

Details are being set and will appear shortly.

Festivals in 2012

Dekel is preparing the epic 6 Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo for a trio tour of 2012.
If you are anywhere near do not miss this special concert:

Sept. - Air-Hung Festival, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Oct. - Ballou Festival , Barcelona, Spain
Jan. - Red Sea Jazz Festival, Eilat, Israel
March - Stone New-Music Festival, NYC, USA
March - Jazz-Tone Festival, Moscow, Russia
May - MusikFest, Berlin, Germany

More festivals are being confirmed this summer -
Please check back soon...

Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Solo

Dekel and the band have been in the studio this week recording Dekel's rather bold interpretation of J.S. Bach's epic Sonatas For Violin Solo.

Dekel and the trio will be touring seuropean festivals in winter and spring of 2012 performing the sonatas.
Please check the tour schedule for details

Dekel Bor w. special guest Maor Cohen at Enav

Dekel will present new compositions in a series of concerts at "Enav Cultural Center" in Tel-Aviv,
each concert will climax with a guest appearance of a major Israeli artist.

First concert in the series will feature Maor Cohen - known as lead vocalist for "Zikney-Tsfat", albums under his own name and various prime-time TV roles.

The concert will take place Wed. 6/7/11 at 8:30pm,
Tickets are 60/75 nis and can be ordered at:

Looking forward to seeing you!

Artist in Residence ensemble concert

Dekel has been artist in residence at the acclaimed "Thelma-Yelin High-School For The Arts" in Tel-Aviv.

"Returning to the school that shaped my musical background 10 years later is an honor and a joy" says Dekel.

Dekel has been working with a select group of students, which will present a concert on 15/5/11 at 7pm.

It's open to the public so come support Jazz's next generation!

Dekel Bor Trio w. special guests at Levontin 7, Tel-Aviv

Dekel and the trio will be performing at Levontin 7 - Tel-Aviv's hottest club saturday April 16th, 9pm.

Dekel will be premiering a lot of new music he been composing for his next album.

Special guests Ronnie Peterson and Oz Noy will be sitting in.

Tickets are 60nis and can be reserved at:


03. 560. 5084

Looking forward to seeing you!

Dekel Bor Trio at the Carlton in Haifa

Dekel and the trio will be performing a rare Haifa concert on Tues. 12/4/11 at the Carlton Hotel's stage, with it's great acoustic and panoramic view to the bay.

Tickets are 30nis and can be reserved at:

04. 642. 8888

Dekel Bor and Taiseer Elias

Dekel met Taiseer Elias - widely considered as one of the greatest living Oud virtuosos on a project with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and the two struck an immediate rapport.

After getting together for a couple informal rehearsals Dekel has traveled to the Israeli desert for 10 days, composing new music for the collaboration, using traditional arabic musical motifs.

More on the project coming soon...

Dekel is endorsing Eventide

Dekel is honored to be selected as an endorser for Eventide's new line of stomp guitar effects.
Eventide has long been considered the music world's most prestigious brand of studio effects,
and is breaking new ground with it's new line of guitar processors.