Modern jazz in modern times

"Excuse me-what kind of music was that? "
" You tell me" i answer.
"it sounds like some new kinda jazz to me-but i dont know about ALL music"
"neither do I" i answer.

Modern Jazz in modern times.
its 5 am.
i just got back from playing a concert in jerusalem.
Playing in jerusalem means i drop off my motorcycle at the local rent-a-van, head back to telaviv, pick up the band, and then drive to jerusalem, play the concert, go eat, drop off the band in telaviv only to return the car at 4:30am.....loooooooonnnnggg night.
by the time we get to jerusalem and we are just about to fall asleep, after sitting in the car for 3 hrs, and we actually did consider disappearing from the jazz club for the favor of a great local pizza place, followed by a movie.
we been working hard this past month traveling all across israel, and rehearsing on days off. we all wanted a night off.
but, we are here, we might as well play. we been working too hard at it to not see what tonight might bring.

there were maybe 30 people in the audience - most of them regulars who come see the band every couple weeks.
we know some of them by name, some of them have our phone no's or emails and inquire about next week's show, CD's etc.
we know they all paid a ticket, yet we get ripped off by the new clubowner (we perform there every week when in israel) and we get payed a sum too low to print....i will reveal we lost money after gas and food expenses. and we didnt eat all posh...

so we all agree that maybe we should just cancel our weekly shows there for Oct. and nov. and just rehearse in telaviv, or play one of our Telaviv venues instead ( "even for free!" ,suggested by a band member who prefers to remain anonymous. he plays drums.)

and i agree. its way too much work, for very little money. we might as well.
now ill take the risk of being the helpless romantic ill never admit i am, and say tonight was one of the most exciting concerts I been part of in some time.
from the first note the music danced, roared, cried, touched, and really kicked ass.
nights like these are rare, and most musicians will tell you-the really good nights really do feel like a million dollars. and i will attest to the same mantra:)

What are the odds? that in a country where people fear the next war, stressed about next month's rent, embarrassed about our president, and feel lost waiting for the next political and social change-what are the odds that 3 people will band together and work towards a unique and personal group statement?
young men leaving their girlfriends behind, their financial worries behind, their egos behind and travel a too long a way in all hours of the night just for the chance of being part of something special. of something that might matter to someone. anyone.

We play real loud, so you'd know that jazz kicks ass.
We play super slow, so you'd feel that time stands still.
We play as fast as fast gets, and sounds flash right before your eyes and ears.
We give it all we got. so you'd know we are as serious as cancer-this music is our statement about who we are, as young men in a society that doesn't care for expression, for individuality, for courage, for music.
We would prefer to just chill out, take the night off, get some food.
But we are already here, we might as well play.
Modern Jazz in modern times.

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