Banding,bending and bonding (the trio)

Hi everyone,

For the festive debut of my blogaroo I shall open with the million dollar question we been answering most frequently this past month-

"where's the band?!"

Truth is that after performing 150-250 concerts annually during the last 4-5 years we have been a band, and after an insane winter of performing all over and recording new material I needed a break. Its me. blame it on my youth...

We played a tour of israel a month ago to packed houses-which was amazing to me-i figured bet. my mom and Nadav's mom we'd have 20 people...

Now ill be spending the next couple of month performing as sideman, Nadav will do the same, Francois is recording a new album with his brother, and come June we'll hit Europe for June and July. Then a long tour of Israel and Greece in Aug. and a long US tour in Sept., during which we'll finish the new album with my mentor, the amazing producer Robert Sadin.

In the next month we'll re-do the entire website, and start blogging away both here and on the band's website.

Please keep in mind that any opinion expressed here is not more than an opinion-feel free to agree, disagree, write back, send flowers (red works best) etc.

See you at the gig

Dekel and the Band

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