"A Love Supreme: The music of John Coltrrane"

Upon his second week in New-York young Israeli guitarist was heard and approached by jazz bass legend Reggie Workman - known as a member of the original Coltrane Quartet, Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers and Miles Davis.

This chance meeting resulted in a long mentoring relationship,
 allowing Dekel to learn Coltrane's music in the most direct, authentic way - touring with the bass player who recorded it originally.

Now a mature bandleader in his own right Dekel returns to his first and most important influence - jazz icon John Coltrane, in a year-long tour and album.

This tour gives original interpretations to seminal compositions in jazz history with emphasis on such classics as "Giant Steps", "A Love Supreme" and "Coltrane Plays The Blues".

Coltrane's vital collaborations has a special place in Dekel's heart, and the group will perform selections from his work with Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk and Duke Ellington.

Israeli tour dates:

Avram Bar, Jerusalem  8.6.13
17.6.13  Afeka Veteran Hall
Tarbuta Yokne'am 26.6.13
Ashan Ha-zman, Be'er Sheva 27.6.13
Shablul Jazz, Tel-Aviv 30.6.13
Kfar Blum Cultural Center 4.7.13
Nola Socks, Haifa, 12.7.13
Haifa Veteran Hall 27.7.13
Avram Bar, Jerusalem 1.8.13
Shablul Jazz, Tel-Aviv 17.8.13

European Dates will be posted on Juy 1st.