1 Hour w. Dekel Bor on GALATZ hosted by Kobi Meidan

Noted israeli artist and media figure Kobi Meidan invited Dekel for an hour about Bach, NYC and life.
Kobi invited Dekel to perform live solo guitar in the famed GALATZ studio.
The duo hit it off immediately, and you can listen to it here:


MY-Net Interview is now online

"We are quit humbled by the media's embrace of the "BachElectrified" tour,
and this one is my favourite..
Please feel welcome to read and listen to more interviews on our Facebook page,
and hope to meet you at the show"

Dekel Bor


Opening night sold-out!

Opening night of the "Bach Electrified Tour" was sold-out!!!

Thank you all who came - it meant the world to us you coming out in the midst of a storm..

Hope to see you at the 2nd stop of the tour at Tarbuta Yokne'am :)