Dekel Bor Feat. Maor Cohen acoustic video

Dekel Bor invited his friend and rock star Maor Cohen to guest with the trio...
Here's an acoustic duet covering the country standard "Lonesome Town" :

Dekel Bor concert - new music premiere

"Once the summer touring season ended I found myself composing, writing, discovering...
I'll be presenting all this and a couple surprises Saturday 29/10 at Shablul Jazz - Israel's premier jazz club.
Hope to have you with us".

Reservations at:

Dekel Bor covering his favorite band - RADIOHEAD

Lately Dekel has been playing a couple of Radiohead songs - some know, some obscure..
Here's the trio playing "Climbing Up The Walls" :


2012 "Distorted Bach" tour preview..

Here's a video preview of the 2012 tour which will have Dekel and the trio perform the iconic 6 Sonatas & Partitas for Violin Solo by Johann Sebastian Bach.