First acoustic solo tour

Dekel will perform his first solo tour, consisting of 6 concerts, each focusing on a different composer, alongside new original compositions.

Dates will be posted on Dec. 15th

Dekel performs at Hangar 11 festival on Nov. 21st

Dekel performed at Hangar 11's festival in relief for the children of the bombed cities.
Dekel was one of 12 artists of various genres performing for 3,000 kids and teenagers who gathered for a day of relief from the bombings.

Minutes before Dekel went onstage a bus was bombed in the center of Tel-Aviv, to it's victims Dekel dedicated "Song For Peace" - an israeli anthem associated with the murder of Itzhak Rabin.

Time-Out chooses "Coltrane tour" as top-5

Time-Out Magazine chooses the Coltrane tour as one of the week's artistic highlights -
please make sure to reserve your seats :)

"A Love Supreme": the music of John Coltrance

before returning to the international "Bach Electrified" tour Dekel Bor will be playing 3 very special concerts dedicated to the music of jazz legend John Coltrane:

w/ Dor Samocha - contrabss & Ofri Nechemia - Drums

13.11.12 - Shablul Jazz Club - Hangar 13, TLV port
18. 12.12 - Vetern Hall, Jerusalem
25.12.12 - Shablul Jazz Club - Hangar 13, TLV port

"Dekel Bor's evocative live guitar playing...a fresh taste in music "
(John Rockwell, New-York Times)

cover stories...

Dekel's live performances were mentioned in three cover stories in three different major magazines this weekend.
Name all three by the end of the weekend and win two tickets to Dekel's performances at the John Coltrane Memorial Jazz Festival Aug. 30th+31st.

Artist in residence at the 2012 John Coltrane Jazz Festival in Israel

Dekel will be performing as artist in residence at the 2012 John Coltrane Jazz Festival in Israel.

The festival will celebrate the master's Birthday each year in the last 3 days of the summer with 10 headliners in 4 venues across the country performing Coltrane's music.

The tour will climax in a 6-hour marathon of all festival participants perfroming together.

The festival will also feature collaborations from video and visual artists.

Participating artists are Yuval Cohen, Erez Bar-noy, animator Nadav Nevo, The Tel-Aviv Jazz Orchestra and a youth ensemble from Thelma-Yelin High School of Art, among many others.

Dekel will be performing with 4 different settings, playing a different repertoire with each group, as well as sitting in with other bands.

Time-Out choice of the week - Dekel Bor feat. Nir Naaman tour of Israel

***The wed. night show in Ramat Aviv is sold-out - still tickets for the jerusalem and tel-aviv shows

"we spent our teenage years listening to obscure jazz tapes together.
since then nir developed an emotional soundworld all his own.

out of all cultural events in Israel this week Time-Out chose to include us in it's recommendations for the week - while i would recommend going to see the exhibition "Metushelach" or the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra playing Verdi's requiem.
still we are honored to be in such company.

i am really looking forward to the shows."


Dekel Bor & Alon Bor special duet performance

Dekel will perform three Bach pieces at a special gala event at Chelouch Gallery on July 4th:

The evening will feature two close friends of Dekel's - Dr. David Gurevitz, head of the communications dept. at the Israeli Business College, and legendary poet Raquel Chalfi.

for two pieces Dekel will have the pleasure of his father Alon Bor joining on marimba:

"Preparing for the festival leg of the tour in May my dad and I played three long duo sessions at my parent's house. These sessions have been very intimate and emotional for the both of us.

Right after the festival tour we wanted to continue with a short, intimate duo tour, which will happen sometime next year. till then I'll have to wait for this special one night this July..."

pix by Liat Schnitman

New Album

After a 3-month tour playing Bach Dekel is composing new music for his next album, which will be recorded in NYC in Jan. '13.
The album will find Dekel playing all-original material with 3 of his biggest musical idols.

We will announce album and concert information with this all-star cast shortly...

Festival tour - "Bach Electrified'

Location / Venue
Mar 20, 2013
8:30 PM
Barcelona, No State
Oct 20, 2012
8:00 PM
Alcudia, No State
Armstrong stage
Oct 11, 2012
6:00 PM
Perpignan, No State
Main Hall
Sep 22, 2012
9:00 PM
Helsinki, No State
Hall 3
Sep 21, 2012
9:00 PM
Helsinki, No State
Hall 3
Sep 9, 2012
9:00 PM

Time-Out close and personal

"it's a great privilege 
to be featured in my favorite section of my favorite cultural magazine.
The rapport between the editor and myself resulted in my most intimate interview yet.
Hope you enjoy"

Dekel Bor, May 2012

White City Music Festival double-bill w. Meshell Ndegeocello

Dekel & the trio packed the hall playing "Bach Electrified" at Music and The White City Festival, double billing with Meshell Ndegeocello.

Dekel shared the stage for the 1st time with his father Alon Bor - principle percussionist for the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra of 40 years, and recipient of the Israeli Cultural Minister's Lifetime-Achievement Award.

The evening also marked Dekel's 33rd B-day' with the entire house singing him happy birthday, and also joining the band's 2nd encore: Bach's "Ave Maria".

"Bach Electrified" w. special guest Alon Bor

"The festival's artistic director asked me if i'd like to have a musical star guest with me...
i said sure - and invited my dad:)

this will be the 1st time we are playing together, and i hope i won't be too excited to play."

Also appearing on the festival's stage are Bobby McFerrin, Steve Hacket, Danilo Perez, Meshell Ndegeocello & The Punch Brohers among many others.

"Bach Electrified" at White City Music Festival - Hangar 11

Dekel is the only Israeli jazz artist selected to participate in the "White City Music Festival" alongside Bobby McFerrin, Steve Hacket, Danilo Perez, The Punch Brothers and The Yellowjackets.

This very special concert will take place on may 3rd, 20:30 at Hangar 11, Tel-Aviv.

Audience pics from "Bach Electrified" in Haifa

Dekel and the band got a very special response at a sold-out concert in Haifa :

"We initially thought this concert will be the last of this incredible journey,
and the audience was just incredible, listening hard and even asking questions!
We thank all of you who emailed us pictures, and we promise to go through them all and post them:) "

1 Hour w. Dekel Bor on GALATZ hosted by Kobi Meidan

Noted israeli artist and media figure Kobi Meidan invited Dekel for an hour about Bach, NYC and life.
Kobi invited Dekel to perform live solo guitar in the famed GALATZ studio.
The duo hit it off immediately, and you can listen to it here:

MY-Net Interview is now online

"We are quit humbled by the media's embrace of the "BachElectrified" tour,
and this one is my favourite..
Please feel welcome to read and listen to more interviews on our Facebook page,
and hope to meet you at the show"

Dekel Bor,7340,L-4199122,00.html

Opening night sold-out!

Opening night of the "Bach Electrified Tour" was sold-out!!!

Thank you all who came - it meant the world to us you coming out in the midst of a storm..

Hope to see you at the 2nd stop of the tour at Tarbuta Yokne'am :)

Solo acoustic radio concert

Dekel will be playing an hour-long acoustic solo concert of Bach sonatas with Leah Lior on KOL-ISRAEL Radio, Wednesday 29.2.12

"The Bach tour started just like that - with an acoustic guitar in my bedroom...
I am excited to present it in such a bare and intimate setting."

Please check your local channel to listen:)

Bor plays Bach opening night!

The Dekel Bor plays Bach tour's opening night is THURSDAY 1.3.12 at Enav Cultural Center
and tickets are running out, so please make sure you order yours beforehand - we WANT to have you there with us :)

Bor Plays Bach press release show SOLD OUT!

Despite the storm, despite the secretive nature of the PR of this concert you all came through...
Was a privilege playing for you:)

See you on tour!


2011 has been an incredible year for Dekel  - from a packed-houses trio tour featuring Maor Cohen,
to the paris jazz festival, from an intimate duet with palestinian vocalist Mira Awad to playing for thousands of people at the August people's rights rallies.
Deke performed throughout November with Rea Mochiach,
and ended the year with a sold-out festival concert in Petach-Tikva on the last week of 2011.

Dekel will begin the new year with an 8 concert-hall tour throughout Israel which will focus on Bach's iconic repertoire,
featuring Dekel's new trio with legendary israeli drummer/producer Rea Mochiach.

In april Dekel will premiere a new orchestral project with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, featuring it's key soloists and a very special rock star..

In May Dekel will celebrate his birthday with a series of concerts with special guests from the jazz and ethnic worlds.

The trio will be back in Europe both in July and in October.

Dekel's signature TWE Overdrve pedal will be released just in time for the summer,
and we hope the prototype of his signature guitar will be ready for the Bach Tour.

We thank you for the support, and we can't wait to meet you after the concert!

Dekel's management team