Sold-out end of tour concert in Israel

Dekel celebrated the end of his 2014 tours in a sold-out duet with Israel Philharmonic Orchestra's principle cellist Micha Haran, at Tmuna Theater - one of the city's premier venues.
The concert was an emotional peak, received raving reviews.
Dekel commented:
"Micha and I have been speaking about playing together for the past 5 years,
and recently did a recording which we are both very excited about.
I landed in Tel-Aviv after a fantastic german tour, and felt that playing
such an intimate duet with a master cellist is for me the perfect way to end
what have been an incredible year."

The duo performed music from Dekel's upcoming album, which will be recorded on March 2nd,
the music being fresh from tours in Germany, Spain & Israel in Jan-Feb 2015.

photos by Maxim Reider

2015 tour of Israel, Spain, Italy, South Africa and the US

2015 will open with a 4 month tour of Israel, Spain, Italy, South Africa and the east coast of the US,
starting on Jan. 10th and running until May 2nd.
Dekel will perform music from his upcoming album entitled "Silence:Desert Songs".

Each stop will host 6 concerts across each country, and we look forward to seeing you there:)

Itinerary will be posted on Dec. 1st

Dekel Bor at TED: Bach, and how it's all connected

Dekel will give a TED Talk on nov. 23rd at the Shimon Peres Center For Peace in Israel.
The talk portrays Bach in a very personal and intimate light.

Dekel will also perform Bach's parts of the Violin Sonatas and the Aria from the Goldberg Variation as a soloist, as well as a special surprise improvise duet with a very special guest…

Last festival of the summer: Dekel headlining the Jerusalem Festival with new mini-orchestra

As an incredible european summer festival tour comes to it's end, Dekel will headline The Jerusalem Festival, located at The Historic Train station,
performing three consecutive nights leading an 8-piece orchestra in a new blend of folklore and modern jazz.

The festival premiers Dekel's new works, which will be recorded in both New-York & Berlin,
and will feature two of Dekel's biggest heroes as guest vocalists.

Jerusalem Festival
August 19th-21st
Performances are at the main stage,
20:00-21:30, The Historic Train station, Jerusalem

Dekel is excited about performing in Israel again, and hopes to see you.
We thank you for coming to all these incredible concerts - we had the time of our lives...

Dekel on TEDx

Following the success of Dekel's talk and performance at TEDx Hamburg in April,
Dekel will be at TEDx Berlin in Sept. and TEDx Jaffa in October.

The Berlin talk will focus on biblical folklore as seen through the new jewish year,
The Jaffa talk will focus on violin sonatas by J.S. Bach as a symbol for the common thread in tomorrow's complexities.

Dekel is very excited about these two talks/performances and we will post them as soon as they become available.

Dekel Bor & Christian Berkel together in a new TV mini-series

Dekel joins his good friend and iconic german actor for an original 6-episodes mini-series,
which will be shot in both Germany and Israel,
and sheds a new light on the historic relationship between the two countries,
as seen through the eyes of two master artists.

The series, a joint Israeli-German production, celebrates 50 years of renewed dialogue between the two countries.

Here are a couple quick shots from the set:

photos by Roie Avidan

Habima National Theatre to host duet series

Habima National Theatre will host Dekel in a year-long duet series,
starting in November, and will feature Israel's icons in a new, intimate setting.

The series will take place each month in correlation with Dekel's duets in New-York,
which will feature master artists from various fields and mediums.

Walla News special: Dekel Bor & Eyal Shani duet

After a sold-out opening to the series w. Meir Shalev

Walla News recorded Dekel and Eyal Shani in session,

about love, magic and passion in anticipation to their performance
this saturday 29.3.14 at Tmuna Theatre

Dekel Bor on TEDx Hamburg

Dekel will give a TED Talk at TEDx Hamburg on April 1st,
as well as a duet performance with his good friend german film icon Christian Berkel,

please stand by for online viewing links..

Dekel Bor on primetime TV w. special guest Eyal Shani

Dekel performed a duet with his close friend, master chef Eyal Shani on the celebrated culture TV show London & Kirchenbaum, to fantastic viewing ratings.

The duo will perform in Tmuna Theatre in Tel-Aviv on March 29th.

Cover stories in Israel & Germany

Dekel's interviews will be published on the first week of march,
and we'll post as soon as interviews are being published.

Here are a couple pics from the session:

Duets with Meir Shalev, Eyal Shani, Merav Michaeli

Dekel will play a series of all-improvised duets with Meir Shalev, Eyal Shani, Merav Michaeli, Moshe Ivgy and a very special guest star.
The series will be hosted by Tmuna Theater, Israel's acclaimed home for cutting-edge arts.

Dekel will take the stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar, and will improvise the concert from start to finish.

22.  3. 14 - Meir Shalev, Israel's most celebrated author will read texts from his works

29. 3. 14 - Eyal Shani is the most famous chef to come out of Israel. Eyal is known for his highly-passionate style, and charismatic love of poetry

5. 4. 14 - Israeli Kneset member Merav Michaeli will join Dekel reading selected texts chosen by the duo.
Merav shines a new and hopeful light on modern Israeli politics, passing innovative laws in a relatively short political career.

12. 4. 14 - actor Moshe Ivgy, perhaps Israel's most prominent actor, is internationally knows for role in Munich alongside Eric Bana & Daniel Craig.
Moshe will read selected texts from the hebrew bible, from "Of Mice & Men" and many more.

& a Duet with a very special guest star...