Duets with Meir Shalev, Eyal Shani, Merav Michaeli

Dekel will play a series of all-improvised duets with Meir Shalev, Eyal Shani, Merav Michaeli, Moshe Ivgy and a very special guest star.
The series will be hosted by Tmuna Theater, Israel's acclaimed home for cutting-edge arts.

Dekel will take the stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar, and will improvise the concert from start to finish.

22.  3. 14 - Meir Shalev, Israel's most celebrated author will read texts from his works

29. 3. 14 - Eyal Shani is the most famous chef to come out of Israel. Eyal is known for his highly-passionate style, and charismatic love of poetry

5. 4. 14 - Israeli Kneset member Merav Michaeli will join Dekel reading selected texts chosen by the duo.
Merav shines a new and hopeful light on modern Israeli politics, passing innovative laws in a relatively short political career.

12. 4. 14 - actor Moshe Ivgy, perhaps Israel's most prominent actor, is internationally knows for role in Munich alongside Eric Bana & Daniel Craig.
Moshe will read selected texts from the hebrew bible, from "Of Mice & Men" and many more.

& a Duet with a very special guest star...

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